Communicating Means Failing

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Emotional Receptiveness and Authorization —
The Keys to Communicating in the Future



Emotional Receptiveness and Authorization —
The Keys to Communicating in the Future
written by Atilla Vuran and Dr. Nina Harbers

In our digital age, successful communication has become more important than ever. But why is it that in some situations, despite great efforts, our communication fails? Why do misunderstandings become more and more common? Our experience shows: The emphasis in a conversation is often only laid on the content, on what is said. But unless your conversation partner doesn’t give you his authorization to talk to him and isn’t emotionally permeated by what you say, your communication may fail. In this book, we will guide you through the principles of emotional receptiveness and will thereby increase your intuitive and conscious assessment of various situations during a conversation so that you will better understand other people, convince them effectively, inspire them to act and lead them. After having read this book, its content will accompany you constantly—whether in private or in business discussions, while listening to or giving presentations or writing e-mails—independent of the context and across the generations.


Atilla Vuran
Receptivity as a key competence of the future, to reflect upon again and again and to develop oneself—this drives Atilla Vuran. For many years he has been addressing the matter of how emotional receptivity can be translated into interpersonal relationships, and has set himself the goal to substantiate this also scientifically. As founder of PONTEA AG, he accompanies clients in the implementation of sustainable, successful management and communication methods. He is convinced that real change is successful when people change their attitude. He is the author of several books as well as a visiting lecturer at universities and institutes.

Dr. Nina Harbers
As an engineer, Nina Harbers has repeatedly found that well-founded specialist knowledge alone is not enough to persuade and guide people effectively and sustainably—receptiveness and authorization are also key to success. As the co-founder of PONTEA AG, author and experienced executive trainer, she supports companies, institutes and universities in developing and training the ability to create receptiveness and authorization among others. She also leads internal and external train-the-trainer courses.

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