Bea and the Pontealon

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How a connection is made

by the authors Atilla Vuran, Nina Harbers and many contributors


Bea und das Pontealon

How a connection is made

by the authors Atilla Vuran, Nina Harbers and many contributors (see below)

Bea is sad – she would so much like to play with the other children, but a deep valley separates her from them. It’s a good thing she has Pontealon by her side; with his help, Bea not only finds out how she can get to her playmates, she also learns a great deal about how to treat others with respect and tolerance, how to approach them and how to build a connection with them.

ATILLA VURAN and NINA HARBERS have children of their own and know how important it is to set an example on how to connect with others at an early age and to show them ways to build a bridge of emotional receptiveness to other people.


Oliver Wnuk (profound actor and friend)
Johannes Rascher (creative industrial engineer)
Prof. Jürgen Groll (visionary chemist)
Karin Vuran (structured organizational talent)
Dr. Bayram Aslan (strategic engineer)
Bigna Ganz (caring learning companion)
Sandra Germann (warm supporter)
Claire Boyer (radiant learning companion)
Claudine Hafner (helpful IT specialist)
Daniela Herr (enquiring student)
Eva Weilandt (far-sighted architect)
Catharina Hofmann (caring nursery school teacher)
Sindy Bornträger (cheerful pedagogue)
Katja Voigt (interested teacher)
Moritz Weilandt (intellectual psychologist)
Arian Steinkopf (diligent business psychologist)
Lars Czerwonka (profound companion)
Dr. Laura Steinkopf (fast neuroscientist)
Tristan Wolter (trustful project manager)
Dr. Katrin Schlegelmilch (far-sighted biologist)
Mirko Schickner (sparring partner at eye level)
Denis Speichinger (CEO at ease with himself)
Michael Imhof (disciplined strategist)
Mirjam Bättig (trustworthy assistant)
Andreas Schlatter (analytical engineer)
Prof. Stefan Jockenhövel (gifted scientist)
Anja Hilgarth (contributing editor)
Alexander Fichtner (responsible illustrator)
Ralf Alex Fichtner (in eternally bonded, creative friend)

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